I began a partnership with Kendra Farrell, Art Teacher at the International School of Beijing, last spring semester, 2010. We met on-line through the Art 2.0 Ning and began exchanging ideas about how we might connect our students. Last spring, the students in my Photo 1 class posted images on my Ning to share with Kendra’s students in Beijing. Kendra’s Digital Imaging class did the same thing and our partnership was born.

After a few conversations, Kendra told me that she is originally from Maine and has a house in Freeport, Maine, where she used to teach art at Freeport High School, small world. We decided that we should meet at some point in the summer when she came back to visit. We finally met in August at a little cafe in Bath; it was quite exciting to meet her! We had little time, but we talked about how we might continue our partnership for this school year, 2010/2011 and strengthen our collaboration.

This fall, for my collaborative inquiry, I decided to work with Kendra Farrell, teacher at the International School of Beijing, China (ISB). We have been communicating back and forth since we met in August. We have shared many ideas and resources, along with student work. Her students joined my Ning and have been posting images and comments. Kendra and I have similar expectations when it comes to student work. We both empower students to create high quality, creative images, along with encouraging students to write with thoughtfulness and ingenuity. The students have responded well and enjoy reading each other’s feedback.

When asked to formulate my question for my collaborative inquiry, I sat down with a couple of colleagues for help in developing my question. The feedback that I heard was that my original ideas were too broad and I should pare my question down into something more specific. Therefore, my question ended up being, “What is the impact on students’ learning when they complete, share, and react to a common assessment with students from another culture?”